CoRTA 2010 - Invited Talk

Posted in June 1, 2010

Invited Speaker: Barrett Bryant

Title: Grammar Inference Technology Applications in Software Engineering

Abstract: There are many problems whose solutions take the form of patterns that may be expressed using grammars (e.g., speech recognition, text processing, genetic sequencing, programming language development, etc.). Construction of these grammars is usually carried out by computer scientists working with domain experts. Grammar inference (GI) is the process of learning a grammar from examples, either positive (i.e., the pattern should be recognized by the grammar) and/or negative (i.e., the pattern should not be recognized by the grammar).
This talk will present the application of grammar inference to software engineering, including recovery of domain-specific language (DSL) specifications from example DSL programs and recovery of a meta model from instance models which have evolved independently of the original meta model.
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